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The globalName Property

Nuxt.js lets you customize the global ID used in the main HTML template as well as the main Vue instance name and other options.

  • Type: String
  • Default: nuxt
  globalName: 'myCustomName'

The globalName needs to be a valid JavaScript identifier, and changing it may break support for certain plugins that rely on Nuxt-named functions. If you're looking to just change the visible __nuxt HTML ID, then use the globals property.

The globals property

Customizes specific global names which are based on globalName by default.

  • Type: Object
  • Default:
globals: {
  id: globalName => `__${globalName}`,
  nuxt: globalName => `$${globalName}`,
  context: globalName => `__${globalName.toUpperCase()}__`,
  pluginPrefix: globalName => globalName,
  readyCallback: globalName => `on${_.capitalize(globalName)}Ready`,
  loadedCallback: globalName => `_on${_.capitalize(globalName)}Loaded`

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